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QUESTION: Where can I buy OS&B™ Products?
ANSWER: OS&B™ products are available across Canada at Home Depot, as well as most Plumbing Wholesalers. If you're still having trouble locating our product, please contact us and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.



QUESTION: How do I remove the Lift & Turn plug from my bathtub to clean the strainer?
ANSWER: Simply lift the plug halfway to engage the sliding pin, and turn counter clockwise to unthread. To replace, repeat turning clockwise.



QUESTION: I've installed a Lavatory Drain and it's leaking below the sink or not holding water. What have I done wrong?
ANSWER: We recommend applying a generous amount of plumber's putty or non-oil based silicone under the flange of the Lavatory Drain between the Flange and the upper surface of the sink. As you tighten the nut from underneath the sink, the putty or silicone will form a seal, therefore eliminating the chances of a slow leak. Immediately remove any excess putty of silicone with a damp cloth after installing and tightening.



QUESTION: I've purchased a Cable-Drive™ bath drain (Waste/Overflow) and the Plug is not lifting high enough to allow the water to drain out of the tub. Can it be adjusted?
ANSWER: Yes. Simply remove and adjust the small Set Screw which is located at the end (bottom) of the Plug Stem. Turn counter-clockwise to adjust upwards or clockwise to adjust downwards. When adjusted properly, the Plug will fully seal the tub in the "closed" position yet will lift up high enough to allow the water to drain from the tub in the "open" position.